Terrorism Re: Corporate transparency

S. Alexander Jacobson alex@shop.com
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 23:40:47 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Owen Byrne wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 10:09:20PM -0500, S. Alexander Jacobson wrote:
> > You are abandoning the rhetoric of ramming through
> > a conservative agenda to talk about judgments by
> > politicians about the electorate's tolerance for
> > military casualties.  These are very different
> > topics and, I am not at all clear about why this
> > concern is a bad thing nor how you think more talk
> > from Bill Maher would have increased this
> > tolerance (since that is what you appear to want).
> >
> I didn't abandon anything - you asked for specifics about
> an article that talked about how avoidance of American casualties
> is dictating war strategy.

Since you never backed up your rhetoric, you
appear to have abandonded it.  If you choose to
back up your prior claims, I will update my
judggement.  I don't understand how the desire to
avoid causalities is relevant to the discussion of
Bill Maher.

Btw, why are you publishing a back channel
communication to the list?  You should have asked.

> > And I am asking: who got smacked down and what
> > should have been stopped?  Your NCAC link includes
> > stuff like this:
> > http://www.freedomforum.org/templates/document.asp?documentID=14957
> >
> > which appears to be about Berkeley firefighters
> > not being allowed to fly American Flags from
> > their trucks out of fear that they would then be
> > vandalized by the large number antiwar protesters
> > in the city.
> >
> That was the 17th link on the page - Below "The New McCarthyism", "Florida
> Professor Placed on Leave After Fox News Appearance.", etc.

I picked a random link and followed it.  Given the
varied response from both ends of the political
spectrum, I am not sure how your NCAC link
actually provides evidence of people being
smacked down who could have stopped Bush.  Do you
think the National Review should have retained
the services of Ann Coulter (the journalist who
advocated "invading countries, killing their
leaders and converting them to Christianity")?
Would she have stopped Bush from "ramming through
a conservative agenda"?


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