Canada rocks

Bill Clark
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 20:41:50 -0800

On Wed. 09 Jan 2002 writes:

<<So the 90% "cure rate" for testicular cancer if treated early is really a
misnomer? in other words, are you saying that TODAY all cancers have only two
outcomes: death or remission? 


Some noteworthy distinctions for you: If Lance Armstrong had pure seminoma testicular
cancer (most commonly found in young Causasian males such as Mr. Armstrong),
he could be considered "cured" with surgery, chemotheraphy, radiation; even
with some metastasis present. If Armstrong had an embryonal cell carcinoma he
would then be considered "incurable", but could go into remission with chemo,
radiation, etc. A teratoma cell carcinoma is also considered "incurable" and
denotes a grave prognosis.

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