established business vs. innovation

Jeff Bone
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 21:09:10 -0600

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> >>>>> "J" == Jeff Bone <> writes:
>     J> Yeah, but they were accidental.  I'm not sure accidents count
>     J> as innovation, but it's an interesting question.
> Maybe that's what I meant by "corporate culture" -- 3M is notorious as
> a company culture which _allows_ mistakes to happen.  I recall a JPL
> or NASA .sig from the 80's "Pure research means you don't know what
> the hell you're doing."

I love that!  Great bits!  :-)

It's true, too --- let's not get too hung up on the meaning of "innovation"
in this competitive context;  there's lots and lots of positive change that
happens unintentionally.  The fact that it's unintentional in no way reduces
the value, and organizations that embrace change and "allow mistakes to
happen" are All Good. :-)