Terrorism Re: Corporate transparency

Owen Byrne owen@permafrost.net
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 22:22:20 -0400

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 07:16:34PM -0500, S. Alexander Jacobson wrote:
> Re George Washington as Terrorist.  Can you give
> some context here? I don't believe the American
> Revolutionaries were e.g. bombing/setting-fire-to
> pubs in London?
> Re cowardice, Bill Maher chose to oppose Bush's
> spin campaign.  He may have done it out of
> anti-Bush or anti-US sentiment, rather than
> pro-terrorist sentiment, but either of those
> justifies anger.  If he were scoring some
> anti-Bush points that was not the time to do so,
> and if he were scoring some anti-US points that
> was also not the time to do so.

I think that a lot of people now (William Safire for one) are saying 
that Bush used the terrorist attack as a cynical excuse for ramming
through an extreme conservative agenda that had nothing to do with
making America safe (well safe for billionaires).  

Even the military is saying the same thing now - there was an article 
recently in the NYT about how fear of American casualties was
dictating strategy in the "war on terrorism."

The people who were saying that while it was happening - 
when there was potential to stop it - got smacked down.