Bashing Christianity (was: Corporate transparency)

Russell Turpin
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 23:17:44 +0000

I wrote:
>>It seems to me mainstream American media still gives Christianity 
>>preferential treatment vis-a-vis other religions.

John Evdemon writes:
>Sorry, I can't agree with you on that one.  That statement may have been 
>true 10 or so years ago, but its not true anymore. It appears to be safe 
>(trendy?) to bash Christianity these days.

To me, the way your comment is phrased suggests you have
noticed a difference in how Christianity is treated
differently by the media today, in contrast to ten years
ago. And I agree: that has changed. But it might STILL
be the case that it gets treated well compared to other
religions. This is something that I don't think Christians
much notice.

Let me give two examples. I've heard Christians complain
about the media coverage given to Ashcroft's religiosity.
Not it's true that this would have caused less remark
in the past. But do you think it is even a fraction of
what it would be, if he were Moslem? Or
to *other* religions??

This is something that
over this time frame?
Or are you making a comparison of how it is treated
vis-a-vis other religions?
The question is how well Christians notice how *other*
religions have been and are treated by the media. My
suspicion is that

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