next big thing.. back again

Jeff Bone
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 17:12:48 -0600

Mike Masnick wrote:

> It's already a pretty big deal in Japan already through J Phone:

Yeah, but since when did Japanese technology infatuations ever *reliably* imply
mass adoption elsewhere?  Those guys thought artificial pets were
world-changing, too.  ;-)

> I use my phone and my camera in very different circumstances, and
> it would be tough for me to think of any real advantage for having them in
> same device.

I can actually imagine this being interesting, but it's definitely in the
category of "nice-to-have" rather than "must-have," and then only if they don't
add unacceptable costs of various kinds (price, bulk, etc.) to the device in
question.  I.e., I'm not willing to pay more than the cost of camera + phone
for a converged device, and I won't carry it if it's bigger than the normal
phone size criteria, i.e. fits in a front pants pocket.