Ten uses for the next big thing

Bill Kearney wkearney99@hotmail.com
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 16:46:56 -0500

I'd like to see a wee bit more convergence in the access methods for finding
the info.

Why can't I surf my voicemail?  It would be tremendously useful to be able
to reach my cellphone's voicemail using a browser.  Sure, there's a few
services that provide this but there doesn't seem to be a standard

Why can't I subscribe to my phone like a mailing list?  I'd like to be able
to have my voicemail sent to an e-mail address.

Do this with your phone pictures too.

EXIM supports lat/long info on jpeg images.  Cameras don't do this, yet, but
the DCIM file format does support it.

Phones are going to soon support GPS for e911 services.

How's that for spooky, your voicemail messsage includes GPS coordinates.  So
when you say you're in traffic enroute to that meeting, you better not be in
that titty bar...  Zoikes, press #5 to hear the details on that message...
Press #9 to hear what's near that location...  Tell me that doesn't give you
the heebie-jeebies.

The hassle with convergence of camera and cell phone is the jack of all
trades, master of none scenario.  Having used digital cameras for a while I
can state that anything less than 1024x768 sucks.  And so does the battery
life of most cameras.  Ditto for the cellphones.

Hmmm, the digital cameras are all supposed to support a common
print-from-camera technique.  How soon before you could use your cellphone's
mailbox as a file destination?  That might be a good first step...

Or I suppose you could snatch the CF or SD card from the camera, jam it in
the phone (or a pod/cable widget) and send it that way.  The cards are all
supposed to be formatted in the same fashion.

So instead of pining for the penultimate do-it-all widget, how about making
the existing stuff work together better?

-Bill Kearney