next big thing.. back again

Rob Shavell
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 11:28:27 -0800

anyone have input on the following? -

convergence of dig cameras and mobiles and mobile data messaging.

basically, new camera configured color-screen phones on new data-enabled
carrier networks enable instant picture taking *and* sending wirelessly
anywhere.  philippe kahn's co that was profiled in wired called lightsurf is
dancing around this but i haven't heard much else about it.  why? seems
obvious handset manufacturers will go for it in a big way and i think it
will be *the* app for carriers to drive wireless data svcs.  it also seems
realizable on mass-scale in near-term (3-4 years).

the more i consider it, the bigger it seems - from both a commercial and
societal standpoint.  it is a fundamental shift in communications
capabilities that is ON the horizon. however, i haven't heard the typically
jah-boning about it in the media which i am surprised about.  thoughts in
gen?  players in space?  tech drivers?

this is the first tech thing i've been fundamentally excited about since