Corporate transparency

Russell Turpin
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 17:15:47 +0000

John Evdemon:
>I am just very tired of the trite/blatant Christian
>bashing in the media.

That's funny. It seems to me mainstream American media
still gives Christianity preferential treatment vis-a-vis
other religions. Here is an example. Even before 9/11,
the press would label Muslims who committed acts of
violence for their cause as "Islamic terrorists." In
contrast, I have never seen the mainstream media label
abortion clinic bombers as "Christian terrorists." Why
not? What is the difference here? If you read any fora
where Muslims write, you'll quickly find numerous other
examples of how the American media gives preferential
treatment to Christianity.

It is true that the mainstream media no longer writes from
the viewpoint that they and their audience are -- of course!
-- Christian, as they did when I was young. I think it is
this change, towards treating Christianity more in the way
they treat other religions, that really causes Christians
to think the media bashes them. Their reserved pedestal is

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