Freakin' Canada

Jeff Bone
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 00:44:35 -0600

Owen Byrne wrote:

> Ahh well, all the poseur entrepreneurs can go back to being management consultants and leeching off the big corps instead of the small guys. That's gotta help
> the small guys.

Amen brudda.  You know, keep talking like that and you'll win my heart despite the fact you're a Canuck.  ;-)

This came past the transhumanist list a week or so ago, seems rather amusingly appropriate:{3B9EBD1A-3587-4EFB-A892-432EBAD56782}

> Using the software, researchers estimated it would take 124 weapons
> to destroy the U.S. and 51 to eliminate Russia as a country. The
> computer program mimics the U.S. military's SIOP, or Single
> Integrated Operational Plan, which outlines the targeting of
> America's nuclear weapons and the likely consequences of each
> attack. SIOP is so secret that even members of the U.S. Senate, with
> high-level security clearance, are not allowed to know the details.
> The Natural Resources Defense Council scientists used declassified
> U.S. government information such as radioactive fallout projections,
> satellite photos, census data and maps of military installations to
> develop their software.

Kudos to Gene for having the wherewithal to subscribe to the crackmonkey list from which this originally came...