gene simmons rocks (fwd)

Tue, 8 Jan 2002 18:19:02 -0800 (PST)

> Transcript of 12/11/2001 Fresh Air (NPR) interview that never aired...
> Terry Gross interviews Gene Simmons
> ------------------------------------------
> TG : Now, clothes that you've worn on stage. You wear fishnets...
> GS : No, fire your research person, no fish nets.
> TG : I was sure I'd seen you in them, but I trust you.
> GS : Don't ever do that, I'm a man.
> TG : Let's get to the studded codpiece -- Do you have a sense of
> humor about that?
> GS : No it holds in my manhood, otherwise it would be too much for
> you to take. You'd have to put the book down and confront life.
> The notion is if you're going to welcome me with open arms you also
> have to welcome me with open legs.
> TG : That's a really obnoxious thing to say
> GS : No it's not, why should I say something behind your back that I
> can't tell you to your face
> TG : Has it come to this? Is this the only way you can talk to a
> woman, with that schtick.
> GS : Let me ask you something. Why is it schtick when all women have
> ever wanted since we crawled out of caves is, "why can't a man just
> tell me the truth and speak to me plainly". So if I do that, you
> can't have it both ways.
> TG : So you really have no sense of humor about this do you?
> GS : I'm laughing all the way.
> TG : Yea to the bank!
> GS : Of course, don't I sound like a happy guy?
> TG : Not really to be honest with you.
> GS : I was going to suggest you get outside of the musty place where
> you can count the dust particles falling around you and get out into
> the world and see what everybody else is doing.
> TG : Having sex with you?
> GS : Well if you chose but you'd have to stand in line.
> TG : Ok well we might as well get to this since you keep bringing this up...
> GS : I didn't, you did.
> TG : You write that you've had 4600 sexual liaisons.
> GS : You're supposed to say so far.
> TG : So far. To you this will be asking the obvious but why have you
> wanted so many encounters?
> GS : M-a-n, the notion is plain.
> TG : I'd like to think the personality you presented on our show
> today is a persona that you've affected as a member of Kiss, but that
> you're not nearly as obnoxious when you're at home or with friends.
> GS : Fair enough, and I'd like to think that the boring lady who's
> talking to me now is a lot sexier and more interesting than the one's
> who's doing NPR, studious and reserved.