Corporate transparency

Jeff Bone
Tue, 08 Jan 2002 16:22:06 -0600

One more thing:  I will admit to a bit of bias in my argument:  established
businesses are (usually) not innovators;  though I'm far from having a convincing,
general model of why this is so, it seems clear to me that scale-up on other
dimensions is inversely proportional to ability to innovate.  Need proof?  Just look
at (let's pick a different dog to kick) Apple.  The most innovative thing they've
done recently is OS X, and that's repurposed NeXTStep (1980s, folks!) with PostScript
replaced by PDF.  And companies seem to lose all touch -w- reality about what
innovation really means once they get to a certain point:  Gates perpetually whining
about legislative restraint to their ability to "innovate," Jobs giving a *two and a
half hour* presentation on a new iMac model whose only "innovation," really, is its
weird and grotesque industrial design.

True innovation?  Look for the non-established players.  KN, for instance.  Others
unnamed. ;-)