Corporate transparency

Jeff Bone
Tue, 08 Jan 2002 15:23:08 -0600

Jeff Bone wrote:

> Only the dumb ones.  Smart ones will recognize innovation when it occurs
> elsewhere and move quickly into COPY mode, squashing the innovator in the
> process.

I should qualify this:  we are discussing competitive strategies, here.  There's an
implicit notion of competitive threat that should be made explicit.  Not all (many,
any?) innovations are disruptive to all businesses and business models.  A maker of
garden hoses, for instance, is probably not threatened in any way by an "innovation"
such as, say, a generic client, content model, and client-server protocol (the Web)
or by a mechanism which allows people to access / use the Web on their TVs rather
than their PCs.  A company whose business relies on per-PC license revenue *will*
however view both of those things as fundamentally threatening to their business, and
will then have to decide whether to ignore, duplicate, or aquire such innovation in
order to prevent erosion of their fundamental and continued value proposition: