The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed

JS Kelly
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 15:13:21 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, carey wrote:

> FIrst off, not to be ad homineming and such, but you really are snotty!

um, OK.
> Ok, now then...
> > maybe they won't be on the bestseller list -- but i'm sure that many legal
> > journals had already published something useful about it at the time that
> > carey was doing his
> Bit BITCH baby.. I'm a she.. Sorry.

that's OK.
> research. did you consult a law library or publisher
> > of reference books on law when you did your research,
> Yes, and yes.  I looked primarily online to the law libraries main
> collections (computer law goodness is still rather limited in some law
> libraries)  as well as consulting UCI's libraries.  GOtta love that ILL
> (interlibrary loan)

how silly of me! how on earth could i have forgotten about irvine's
world-renowned law school?! and their equally famous legal library...
> > earlier, and revised in '98? i'm sure something must have existed by the
> > time nov/dec 1999 (which, if i remember correctly was when news of the san
> > jose case first broke)
> I don't deny that stuff existed.  Most of it was preliminary newsbits (folks
> like Declan McCullaugh and such) describing the main bits of the case, or
> what the DMCA was broadly.  TO get to the meatier stuff, I had to wait a
> while.

or you could have done some real, original research. of your own...

>  1999 I believewas when Samuelson published her first analyses of the
> DMCA and WIPO's connection to it.  (i'm going from memory here)  THen out
> came a few other publications, but these were  later still (if you look,
> most of my references were 2000-2001).

look where?

> Tellyawhat kiddo.  You keep going off about how my publishing knowledge is
> so abysmal. 


> Find me some books.  I'll worship you. 

what types of books would you be interested in then? 

> I swear. Otherwise,
> STFU.  You've said this enough times.

i don't get it. first you tell me, 'keep going off about how my publishing
knowledge' -- then you tell me i've already said it enough times. which is
it then?