The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed

Fri, 4 Jan 2002 14:56:35 -0800

FIrst off, not to be ad homineming and such, but you really are snotty!

Ok, now then...

> maybe they won't be on the bestseller list -- but i'm sure that many legal
> journals had already published something useful about it at the time that
> carey was doing his

Bit BITCH baby.. I'm a she.. Sorry.

And actually no.. There were a few journals.  some of the bits that I pulled
out (from folks like Lessig and Samuelson) were published in journals.  Most
of the journals were on the net tho, some exclusively.  But there was a
whole heapload of stuff (especially dealing with technical bits on DVDs, or
just analysis of DeCSS/DCMA were only found by really dedicated kids like
myself publishing online dissertations and FAQ pages.  This was more
accurate than the oft-times very watered down press coverage, and usually
more detailed than the law reviews could afford to be.

research. did you consult a law library or publisher
> of reference books on law when you did your research,

Yes, and yes.  I looked primarily online to the law libraries main
collections (computer law goodness is still rather limited in some law
libraries)  as well as consulting UCI's libraries.  GOtta love that ILL
(interlibrary loan)

 or did you depend on
> the web only? the DMCA was passed.. was it in 1998?

Passed in 1998.

or maybe it was
> earlier, and revised in '98? i'm sure something must have existed by the
> time nov/dec 1999 (which, if i remember correctly was when news of the san
> jose case first broke)

I don't deny that stuff existed.  Most of it was preliminary newsbits (folks
like Declan McCullaugh and such) describing the main bits of the case, or
what the DMCA was broadly.  TO get to the meatier stuff, I had to wait a
while.  1999 I believewas when Samuelson published her first analyses of the
DMCA and WIPO's connection to it.  (i'm going from memory here)  THen out
came a few other publications, but these were  later still (if you look,
most of my references were 2000-2001).

 rolled around. just another example of where the
> info on the net is shallow. and your knowledge of offline publishing, too.
Tellyawhat kiddo.  You keep going off about how my publishing knowledge is
so abysmal.  Find me some books.  I'll worship you.  I swear. Otherwise,
STFU.  You've said this enough times.