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Fri, 4 Jan 2002 14:46:11 -0800

> > Great editorship for a dictionary designed for SIXTH
> > graders, marketed to Sixth graders and supposedly geared for their
> Sorry, this rings my urban legend meter.  I challenge you to give enough
> particulars to confirm or deny this story, most of all the publication,
> words covered, and the school system.

I believe (this is the only fact I have to check on) she stated it was
Meriam-Webster, She teaches in Montclair Unified School DIstrict
(, here in Sunny California, The words covered
were actually documented on a list (mostly the words I had listed, and a few
others like Genitalia and such.  I can see if I can grab the list for her if
you like).

And did your aunt the sixth grade teacher
> actually mention such particulars as 'fuck', 'shit' , 'ass', 'bitch',
'cunt' ,
> 'twat' and 'dick' to you?

To me, my mother, my father, my uncle, and various other assorted adult
family members (including my brother actually).  Mind you, she had a few
drinks, but other than being a bit more tollerable as a human, she was fully
cognizant and saying all words I wrote about.  I can go ahead and dig up the
fucking Superentendent's and principal's name as well as the school if you
like.   Dunno why this sounds like an urban legend to you, I've seen /read
about cases much less than this  all over the place.

There used to be a relatively decent censorship site devoted to cases where
schools went in and banned/restricted books and I can't seem to remember/
find it on google.  I'll look