More reminiscing about PDAs

Udhay Shankar N
Fri, 04 Jan 2002 18:13:52 +0530

At 12:09 AM 1/4/02 +0000, Russell Turpin wrote:

>I don't know, Joe. I am about as technologically recidivist
>as a geek can be. I live in a house heated by floor furnace.
>I cook on a stove older than Methusaleh. I drive an '81 car.
>I do not carry a cell phone. I adjust the rabbit ears on my
>TV to get better reception. I wouldn't know how to use an
>MP3 player if you gave me one. My bike has no shocks.
>Yet even I live by my Palm Pilot.

I don't know. I use my Palm for mostly backup storage of contact info (it's 
too painful to carry it around *along* with my cellphone, so it lives in my 
bag most of the time.)

Which is one reason I'm waiting for the PDAphone device market to mature a 
little. Most promising among the current lot seems to be the Handspring 
Treo [1] [2].



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