Monsanto, PCBs and evil

Thu, 3 Jan 2002 16:29:31 -0800

> Why "almost" worse?
> I would say *definitely* worse.
> And it turns on the "willing participant" issue.

Correction duly noted :)  I think thats what my brain was thinking, now how
my fingers respond, thats a different story altogether.

> Evil. Who needs the devil when you have men such as these.

I still cannot figure what amount of money/corruption/mystery ingredient
turns folks who would otherwise be moral-bound and at least conciencious of
humanity into sick fucks like this... I remember reading somewhere (in some
wonderful psychopathology book for my Forensic psych class) that the
distinction between corporate bigwig powerpeople and serial killers wasnt'
that far off.  They had the same desires (power) but went about it on
varying degrees of legality.  In this case, I'd say there was a defininte

I'd reccomend reading the second link more than the first. AS I went through
it I realized that they included all the major documents that were not
included in the washington post article.  Good shit.

> - Joe