Monsanto, PCBs and evil

Joseph S. Barrera III
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 16:18:25 -0800

> Behalf Of carey

> of slashdot remarking going on, and I figured for posterity's sake, it
> should be forked.  Frankly, what monsanto did, is wrong.  
> This is equivalent to the Cigarette industry, but almost worse.
> These folks really weren't willing participants.  They were ignorant,
> poor folks who didn't know why fish were winding up deformed,
> and smells in the air just didnt' smell right.

Why "almost" worse?
I would say *definitely* worse.
And it turns on the "willing participant" issue.

I had many nightmares when Love Canal happened
in the late seventies. It's almost enough to turn
one into an anti-technology anarchist with bombs and such.

Evil. Who needs the devil when you have men such as these.

- Joe