Monsanto, PCBs and evil

Thu, 3 Jan 2002 16:08:01 -0800

Alright. This is not entirely new bits.  If checked out slashdot at all, you
would have come across a rather interesting article written by the
washington post on how monsanto managed to cover up for nearly 50 years the
fact that they were poisoning a small town in Alabama. There was quite a bit
of slashdot remarking going on, and I figured for posterity's sake, it
should be forked.  Frankly, what monsanto did, is wrong.  This is equivalent
to the Cigarette industry, but almost worse.  These folks really weren't
willing participants.  They were ignorant, poor folks who didn't know why
fish were winding up deformed, and smells in the air just didnt' smell
right.  THis is positively fucked behavior.  A slashdotter mentioned the
idea of corporate death penalty -- where heads of a corporation (the persons
most knowledgable at least) should have to pay criminally for the sins of
the corporation.  The sheer attitude of Monsanto prior to this being
uncovered, and even the attitudes of their new spin-off company (Monsanto
split its PCB end off to repair corporate image in the 70's), really are so
unbelievably callous and heartless, I don't know how they can wake up in the
morning.  If ever someone deserved death, these kids are at least in the

Here's the slashdot article.

And here's another examination into this nastiness:


(Bitful enough for you Kragen? :-))