Hear what the critics are saying about FoRK

Jeff Bone jbone@jump.net
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 23:07:18 -0600


"I would deliver a long tirade against it if it weren't such a dog
--- such a laborious and foolish waste of time..."  --- David Denby,
The New Yorker

"How good is [it]?  It's so fired up with explosive ideas and killing
humor that the guardians of morality are yelling 'Danger - keep
out!'  That's how good."  --- Rolling Stone

"While both [Bone and Beberg] are capable of extended neo-macho riffs
on the virtues... that doesn't prevent the whole concept from playing
like the delusional rantings of testosterone-addicted thugs.  Aside
from the protracted beatings, this... is so vacuous and empty it's
more depressing than provocative."  --- Kenneth Turan, L.A. Times (or
Kragen Sitaker, Going Nowhere Fast News. ;-)

"It is an inadmissible assault on personal decency.  And on society
itself." --- Alex Walker, London Evening Standard.

"Why aren't there pickets out there?  Where is Cardinal O'Conner when
we need him?" --- hearsay, source:  The Hollywood Reporter.

"Rarely has a [mailing list] been so keyed to its time." --- David
Rooney, Variety

"I thought for a while, that [FoRK] had a capital-M message.  A
message that would ring in our ears and inspire us.  Something that
would be the final word for all of us lost, soulless Generation X
slackers.  And I was right.  There is a message in [FoRK].  And that
message is:  Grow the hell up." --- blueduck@hsb.org

"It forces you to have dangerous thoughts, confront them as you would
any problem before you and expects you as a reasonable human being to
come out with the right answers."  --- Harry Knowles,

"It echoes the propaganda that gave licence [sic] to the brutal
activities of the SA and the SS.  It resurrects the Fuhrer
principle."  --- that pussy Alex Walker again, figures he's English

"[FoRK] rages against the hypocrisy of a society that continually
promises us the impossible:  fame, beauty, wealth, immortality, life
without pain.  Now it all comes together with [FoRK], a relentless,
dizzying take on the ... fear of losing power that's a wild,
orgiastic pop masterpiece." --- Bret Easton Ellis, Gear Magazine



PS - or wait, maybe that was...  um, rather embarrassing, here...
wait a second.  Maybe that was about "Fight Club."  ;-)