SDW Wireless Liquidation: RIM 850 (compact Blackberry) and Merlin CDPD PCMCIA card for sale!

Stephen D. Williams
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 20:52:52 -0500

Both of these devices have worked great for me, especially the RIM for 
email, however I haven't been using them as much the last couple months 
so I've decided to sell them.

At Go America, the RIM 850 is listed at $399
and the Merlin is $299

This 850 is less than 3 months old since it is a replacement.  The 
Merlin I've had for about 18 months with only short term usage.

The RIM (aka Blackberry, or comically: CrackBerry) is very easy to use 
for sending and receiving unlimited email messages.  It also has all the 
basic PDA features and can be upgraded with new software.  I even have 
the development kit for it that I'll include.  The only difference 
between the 850 and 950 is the wireless network they work on (Motient 
vs. Bell South).  Go America supports both.

If anyone is interested in these toys, errr....  Tools, let me know; 
email me an offer.

If I get any reasonable offers, I'll probably sell these by next Monday.