It's a new year

Russell Turpin
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 13:23:21 +0000

I notice some of y'all were badly judging the new
year, even before its first day was over. Don't let
your sour mood tarry too long. 2001 is dead. Al
Queda is on the run, and Islamicism is on the
decline. Some failed VCs are looking for other
lines of work. People are more tuned to substance
than glitz. All of this was painful but good.

If jobs and salaries are now lower than during the
bubble, that too is part of the cycle. If you lived
well under your means during the bubble, the slump
will not be a dire adjustment, and the normal times
ahead will seem fine. If you didn't, now is the
time to learn.

2002 is just born. There are good deeds you have
not yet done, interesting places you have not yet
seen, and worthy people you have not yet met. There
are new opportunities to grab, new songs to sing,
new books to read, new wines to drink, and new
girls to kiss.

Rejoice, and do good.

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