How Moore's law stabbed us in the back

Jeff Bone
Tue, 01 Jan 2002 19:01:42 -0600

"Adam L. Beberg" wrote:

<typical pessimistic Beberg drivel>


The ultimate non-renewable resource is time.  Information technology in general
will continue to appreciate in value because it continues to allow us to do more
with our time --- by making better business decisions more quickly, working more
efficiently, etc.  You're right in that the overall cost structure has hit an
interesting inflection point:  the cost of producing information (which has been
declining for years) has recently been surpassed by the cost of managing / using
information (which is on the rise.)  That's causing some pain of late, but
that's no indication of a permanent oversupply.

The oversupply is in bits (communicated and stored) and cycles.  The huge
demand, now, if for better ways to manage and use that information --- i.e., the
demand has shifted from information to intelligence.

Apps, baby, apps.  (And no, I'm not talking about spreadsheets and editors and
so forth.)