Gordon Mohr
Tue, 1 Jan 2002 16:10:15 -0800

Adam Beberg:
> So, in my job hunting, I come across a 5 years experience win32+unix kernel
> driver devel job at HP. Contract/hourly, not a salary gig so should pay
> decent. "well, they'll go as high as 32$/hr, but they wont like it." Talking
> to the recruiter, it sounds like this is becoming the norm with the
> suppy/demand cliff and all. And anyone who thinks this is gonna rebound is
> on crack. 

Jobs which require a modicum of optimism tend to pay more. But
you wouldn't be considered for those opportunities, would you?

> I can go be a union electrician and make more then that working with all my
> non-farmer relatives that are in construction. I think between my cousins,
> everything but electrician is covered, AND I would get to build things!

Please do! I'm sure you'll really "light up the room"!

- Gordon