Jesus Herbert Mulroney Christ, SCREW the RIAA

Jeff Bone
Fri, 25 May 2001 18:49:47 -0500

Jeff Barr wrote:

> Defeat them by obviating them, not by fighting them. Figure out a
> way to make them totally irrelevant to the generation of kids that
> are now 10 and up. Make it uncool to listen to anything with an
> RIAA label on it.

Given that kids are so ad-driven, and ads cost $$$, how could one do this
in a guerilla fashion without having a huge bankroll?  This is a huge (and
significant) act of memetic engineering.  Any suggestions?

> Come up with a way for new musicians to get airplay, fair record
> deals and backing for tours without selling their souls.

This would be wonderful, but unf. IMO the only folks with the leverage to
pry that stuff away from the record companies are the musicians
themselves.  (And maybe even they don't have it.)

> Start with an open music distribution system that contains all the
> great, cool, new stuff, while allowing users to pay what is
> seen as a fair price for the digital version of the music and
> providing those up-and-comers with live, direct feedback from their
> fans and a direct channel back to them.

This is being tried in many ways, but as far as I can tell they're just
overwhelmed by the massive advertising and marketing of the big guys.  IMO,
this can't be effective without finding better memetic infection vectors
for "RIAA is uncool" and "big production acts are uncool."

> Use every underground trick in the book to make the music on this
> system popular. Make it so popular that those musicians that have
> already sold their souls to the record companies are green with
> envy.

Would be great...

> At some point I am sure that the company which owned the rolls for
> player pianos thought that they held all of the cards, too.


Were player pianos ever really a big deal?  This is an interesting



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