Are Mothers Selective?

Jeff Bone
Thu, 24 May 2001 13:07:09 -0500

Wayne E Baisley wrote:

> Will abortion eventually deselect itself?  Assuming there's any kind
> of genetic basis for a willingness to abort, it would seem that over a
> sufficiently long time, those with abortion-inclined mothers would be at
> a distinct disadvantage, fitnesswise.

Yeah, it's actually pretty unfortunate IMO that things like economic
competitiveness, an intellectual bent, thinking for one's self,
individualism, having children later in life (therefore maximizing one's
productive bandwidth during early adulthood) and a skeptical attitude
towards religion all seem to be net survival fitness negatives.  As a
species, we're at a bifurcation point:  those who choose mind over meat are
going to have a hard row to hoe if we have to keep competing for resources
with these poor, uneducated baby machines.  (Esp. as long as the machinery
of politics exists to and effectively serves as a competitive equalizer for
these parasites.)  Perhaps if we can open up the universe, this will no
longer be a problem.

There probably is a Bene Gesserit quote that would be appropriate here, but
I'm at a loss.