Russell jumping into one of gg's questions

Jeff Bone
Thu, 24 May 2001 12:46:05 -0500 wrote:

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> << If faith is so poisonous then why has it so persisted over the
>  years?  >>
> yeah, and why is so subject to over-simple explanations by those who don't
> know what it is?

Why is it that faith advocates always assume that those who don't share their
belief just "don't know what it is?"  I for one had faith --- grew up on a
twice-Sunday and once-Wednesday + devo during the week church schedule ---
decided around puberty to really examine it from an educated position rather
than an indoctrinated one, educated myself, discarded it, and have re-examined
it on a constant basis for twenty years now.  I've got many, many shelf-feet
allocated to religion, religious philosophy, religious history, theology,
etc.  I'm probably as educated as I could be about (particularly Xianity, but
also some other faiths as well) w/o attending seminary;  and all my reading
and all my thinktime on this has done nothing except make me more steadfast in
my disbelief.

Perhaps it's subject to over-simple explanations by those who don't believe
BECAUSE they understand it and reject it on the basis of that understanding,
which is ultimately very simple?