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Strata Rose Chalup strata@virtual.net
Wed, 23 May 2001 15:30:46 -0700

Sorry, Jeff, I've decided that arguing with you about this, and probably 
about anything substantive, is too much work.  You consistently engage
in the behaviors which you implicitly condemn in your posting below, which
makes it extremely difficult to engage in a dialogue with you.  The 
subject is one which is (pun intended) inherently subjective, and about
which everyone needs to make up their own mind.  

And above all, I have other ways in which I'd much rather spend my 

I'm not even going to take issue with your statement that your mind
remains open on the question.  I'll merely say that your previous
correspondence indicates that the issue carries a great deal of emotional
significance for you.  Certainly my own mind is quite made up on 
the issue at this point, and I'm not interested in changing it.  Too
many things in my personal codespace would morph as a result of the
"make depend" after that one.  YMMV.

Jeff Bone wrote:
> So Strata, to close the loop.  You've got an opinion.  I've got one, too.  You
> could very well be correct, and my mind remains open --- convince me of your
> point of view.  But you aren't going to do that by ankle-biting about
> spelling, grammar, and so forth, nor by vaguely and unsupportably attacking
> whether my argument is well thought out, my education in / about the issue,
> etc.  You can make your point with reason, fact, logic, consistency, and maybe
> humor and irony;  you're not going to do it making unfocused attacks
> (ignorance, which you have no basis to judge given the discussion, and
> "immature," which is almost certainly a NOP) that you fail to support.
> To give you an example of how you say intriguing things but then don't follow
> through:
> > What pisses me off is the attitude of much of society
> > that the first two constitute a person dying and the third is
> > no big deal.
> Why does that piss you off?  Why do you believe that these three things are
> equivalent?  What basis do you have for believing that a fetus is a person?
> Etc.  I believe that *you* believe that, but I don't know why.  Maybe I'd like
> to.
> $0.02,
> jb
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