What Constitutes Humanity?

Strata Rose Chalup strata@virtual.net
Wed, 23 May 2001 01:02:49 -0700

Jeff Bone wrote:

> More to the point:  I'm defining life experientially.  You've either lived a life,
> or you haven't.  I'm not placing any particular value on quantity of life lived;
> I'm counting it a binary, you've either lived *some* life or not.

And at what point have you lived *some* life or not?  At the point
where cellular division occurs?  Stem-cell differentiation?  Viability
with artificial life support (of what era)?  Viability without artificial 
life support?  Full-term development before expulsion?  Post-expulsion?
Pre-language development?  What?

If you want to kill zygotes, and the mother is ok with that, I won't
try to stop you.  If you do so without *any sign of remorse* or any
acknowledgement that a real person has been killed, I'll think you 
were ignorant of biology, immature, or both.  Same goes for the mother.

I think the death penalty is a fine thing. I think folks should be
allowed to euthanize themselves if they want to.  I support 
women making a choice whether to birth a baby or terminate the 
pregnancy.  What pisses me off is the attitude of much of society
that the first two constitute a person dying and the third is
no big deal.  


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