Tolerance, religion, and bigotry (was: Political correctness)

John Klassa
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 09:04:31 -0400

>>>>> On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, "Lucas" == Lucas Gonze wrote:

  Lucas> The question is whether there is a willingness to use the state
  Lucas> to force _other_ people to maintain more traditional positions.

Agreed.  I rescind my position there. :-)  As I just wrote (like minutes
ago, to Matt), I can see that the government shouldn't infringe upon
those freedoms for others, just because I disagree with them.

  Lucas> This is all part of a political trend, which is that christian
  Lucas> politics have been pretty well co-opted by the right.  It's not
  Lucas> so much that christians are rascists or bigots as that they
  Lucas> are stuck in a coalition with rascists and bigots.  That's
  Lucas> a tough situation, but it can be fixed.  At the very least
  Lucas> christians need to take back their political leadership from
  Lucas> their unchristian bedfellows. ...but then again I can see why
  Lucas> Christians don't feel the left will represent them fairly.


  Lucas> For what it's worth, I don't personally believe that christians
  Lucas> are bigots.  Most americans believe in live and let live, and
  Lucas> most americans are christians.  Christians have sex lives too.
  Lucas> Many christians take the doctrine of charity and kindness very
  Lucas> seriously.

That's part of my problem, for me.  Whether I believe that homosexuality
is or isn't condoned by the bible, I'm called to (1) love God, and (2)
love others (in that order).  Does the primacy of loving God mean that
I shouldn't love others (in some sense) when their stated position
is counter to God's (assuming, for the moment, that the bible is
anti-homosexual in its stance)?  Again, I wrestle with this stuff.  And
again, I realize that to a non-Christian, the answer is obvious -- toss
the Christianity.  Yet, there are homosexual Christians (who haven't
tossed Christianity :-)), who've obviously reconciled these issues for

  Lucas> You're not a jerk by any means, John, so I hope this doesn't
  Lucas> feel like a personal attack.

Thanks.  I hope my last two posts (the one to Matt and this one)
haven't changed your mind.  I wrestle with these issues...  They're a
sticking point for me, with respect to fully embracing everything that
Christianity is about.  Evolution/creation was another sticking point,
but I've found a way to reconcile those issues for myself[1].  I'd like to
find a way to reconcile these, as well.


[1] In case you're wondering, a book that helped me is:

It's a blow-by-blow account of the way science and the account of
creation, in Genesis, complement each other nicely.  It's all online,
so you don't have to shell out any money to read it, should you be

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