What's in a .htmld or .htmd?

Scott Anguish (sanguish@digifix.com)
Thu, 26 Jan 95 14:07:06 -0500

Dan Grillo wrote
> What should be in a .htm[l]d? Right know I know of 3 forms.
> 1. foo.htmld/index.html
> 2. foo.htmld/TXT.html
> 3. foo.htmld/foo.html
> I think forms 1 & 3 are useful.
> Pages, StepWise, and NeXTanswers all currently serve files saved as .htmld
> Right now NeXTanswers uses form #3, so the internal .html can be FTP'ed
> or saved from a web browser and used on it's own. This is hard to
> do if they all are index.html.

Unfortunately, #3 is not something that most web servers can be set to use as the default page for a directory... that's the reason I use index.html, so I can take advantage of the web server's ability to display a default page, instead of a directory listing..

Not all of us have written our own servers Dan... :-)