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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 11:34:23 PDT

--] Even as he tried to defend Mr. Gore, Art Torres, chairman of the
--]California Democratic Party, could not come up with an explanation
--]for the misstatements. "I have no idea," he said. "I'm not a
--] But Mr. Torres said it was unfair to dwell on Mr. Gore's comments,
--]asserting that it was far more important to focus on substantive
--]issues. "Those debate situations are pretty strenuous," he said.
--]"With so many activities, so many campaign stops, you might not be
--]able to totally remember the facts."

Yea, we want this one in the white house:)- he cant even stand up to an
election, lets all just vote him in and wait for a real crisis to errupt.

Which ever one of the twosided repubicrats choices we gert there is one
thing thats certian, it will be the a classic case of lowered expectation
and a stand ups wet dream

--] "In the debates, when he said that I spent more in my campaign
--]than he has, the numbers show that he has spent twice as much as I
--]have," Mr. Gore said. "But I don't seize on that as evidence of
--]some character flaw. He made a mistake, and I'm not going to attack
--]him personally."

This reminds me of those rare special times Howard S has one Bettlejuice
and Hank the Drunken Angry Dwarf. Two physicaly and emotionaly challanged
wrecks flailinf away at each other with one breath and then accusing the
other of beating up the handicaped. When its on Stern the nation is
horrified, when its our partys own favorite sons its considered politics.

To be honest its no surprise the Demas and the Repubs picked these two
fine examples of leadership. Look at thier other recent excursions into
excellence..Bill Clinton, Bob Doyle Geroge Bush SR, Ronny Rayguns, Mike
Dukakis. The emphasis is on the Great Good for the PARTY not What WouldBe
Good To DO.

A nation of people who think like this can only hope to get the leesor of
two evils.

It would be funny save for the fact my family and I have to live and work
with people of this mindset.

    [---=== WSMF ----]

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