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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 10:37:14 PDT

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Jim Whitehead wrote:

--]Was the point of this article that our President should consistently utter
--]100% truthful statements?

I take it the point of the article was to show that Gore misspoke on
several occasions just as Dubya B does just as most of thier predicesors
do just as the nation has come to expect and acept.

Which is probaly the real problem here. We excuse our leaders from being
leaders and make them instead to be half time buddies and half time fallen
heros and half time wounded comrade to be nurtued and healed.

--]In every election, it seems that there are many distractors, designed to
--]ensure the public never engages the issues of the campaign that affect who
--]gains wealth, and power.

Its pretty clear who is gainig welath and power. When the two partys can
raise a few hundred million dollars for the sole act of campaigning to get
into office to control a few billion, yet we still have schools
underfunded and missmanged, infrastructrs in need of repair and a growing
devide of undereducated worksectors in a world where thier skills sets are
less and less indemand...when this happens, as it often does in run on
sentences, we should at least be cluefull the whole playing feild is
rigged , the spectators applaude on cue, and the ones who think its a
viable measn of excerszing democratic privlages are probaly the same ones
who think the people around them who watch wrestling dont know is patialy

This is as it has been since a mighty long time back. The carrer politicns
play to the "learned voters" so as to keep them from realizing the strings
they think they see are really a level below the strings that they are
truly pulling. Toss them debate, scnadal to feel righteous over, prop up
straw men and divisons.

I got to hand it to them dems and reps, they have taken the whole thing to
a polished ends. They even got the outside third party thing covered.

The one thing they need to learn from wrestling...they should book the
debates as Pay Per Views:)-

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