RE: probably an obvious XML question

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Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 09:28:30 PDT

i guess the answer's already there on the xml dev list but i have a dylan
concert to go to, so my apologies to john for not looking into it. snide
asides and many smaketh'd botties apart, it'll have to wait until another


ps tom, it is amazing how much you can tell about me from a couple of
emails. my intuition pales by comparisson but wonder if "judgemental" might
be one of your more obvious characteristics.

pps john, are you crying again? i'd love it if you were ;-). i have to go
now, take care

ppps tom, lighten up and have a nice day yourself, i truly wish you one and
am off to enjoy the rest of mine singing along with bob. "all along the
watchtower...". take care too.

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> On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Damien Morton wrote:
> --]So what was the answer? Does a DTD have the expressive power to do what
> he
> --]wanted?
> --]
> Hush, big brain Mark might came and reeducate you on proper list
> posting.:)-
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