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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 09:10:38 PDT

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000 wrote:

--]what a polite and likeable fellow you are tom (as always)
--]john and i chatted offline about this and agreed it wasn't the best place -
--]there *are* better places even if you do like an excuse to bully people in a
--]public forum.

Yea, I came on fork to blow off a person asking a question , some
one seeking knowledge about a topic that is talked about alot on this
list. Since it is talked about on this list is speaks to the relvence of
the question. Since it was JK it speaks to the worth of the question.
Since it is fork where all things interconnect it speaks of your
character that your reaction was not a helpfull answer but a shug and
snide bl;ow off

JK is a nice guy so i have no doubt he quickly forgave you , thats his

The bully comment means so much from some one who initiated the
engagement, from some one who smakceth downed JK for asking a question of
XML. You do realise that questions are a part of what makes fork a good
list? Your little barbs and blow off make you out to be someone who is
above listening to the lowly question of the unlearned.

I dont smacketh down those seeking question. I do not smacketh down those
who are making points. I do not smacketh down the process of passing on
information and bit.

You seem more than willing to do all that.

Happily though there are many on Fork who either find it rewarding
to help those asking questions or would like to see the question answered
as well. It is these people that make fork the palce it is.

As i wrote you in priivate mail, and as you some how seemed to miss the
point ill repeat it here,

"I am glad it has been worked out, but I find the chilling effect of one
persons intolerance a tad bit uncomfortable. I have always found Fork a
place to learn, to explore and to question. It is a combination of these
aspects that has made Fork worthy of following even during the parts not
totally to my liking.

If this mix were to break down I would find it a worth fixing, as I think
many on the list would as well.

I hope this has not come to pass."

Sadly I see it has.

--]ps what the fuck is a jabroni you oik?

The question asnwers itself.

Have a nice day.

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