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From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 15:29:55 PDT

A. Nony-Moose asked --

> GPS, you mean?

No, I mean wireless communication. Ponder the futility of heuristics in
a bomb, with no way to feed back its 'experience'. Whatever it manages
to 'learn' (no need to get too fancy, just keep a running tab of the
control system state vector for, um, later analysis) gets incinerated.
So, the engineer can play with cool toys, but never has to produce any
measurable success. The benefit is all in marketing. "Oh yeah, the
LoveMaker B-2B has state-of-the-art C3/C4 integration with the most
advanced heuristics in the industry (as far as you'll ever know)."


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