[Guardian] The sex appeal of sweat

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From: Linda (joelinda1@home.com)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 15:51:09 PDT

[A bit dated; I was reading through a stack of journals at work
today and this article got mention in The Chronicle of Skin & Allergy.
Would be interesting to see the studies used to back up their claim.



The sex appeal of sweat goes on sale

Angelique Chrisafis

Wednesday August 2, 2000

Women in nightclubs may at last be saved the question "do you
come here often?", as old-fashioned chat-up lines are replaced
with the latest scientific shortcut to sex: the pheromone face

A London biotechnology firm yesterday launched a brand of
moist tissues soaked in the scent of 50 human pheromones -
the sweat molecules responsible for sex appeal.

Kiotech claims the Xcite! facial wipes make people appear more
attractive to the opposite sex within a three foot radius for up to
12 hours.

George Dodd, a biochemist and "smell scientist", developed the
wipes from 30 years of pheromone research.

He said: "Our studies in nightclubs show that this pheromone
combination dabbed across the wrist and neck makes people
appear more confident.

"Users were described as 'friendlier, warmer and more inviting'
with a more attractive smile." The wipes could make a person
more influential in business meetings, he said. For people in
their 50s and 60s, they could also save relationships.

"The Viagra pill gets the machinery working but does nothing to
get you interested. Pheromones actually increase sexual
attraction," he said.

The wipes will be sold in his and hers versions for 1 each. They
will be marketed to teenagers in clothes shops such as Top
Shop and Miss Selfridge, and sold from condom machines in
pubs and clubs.

Dr Dodd said the wipes worked best on white heterosexuals, the
focus of most pheromone research.

Nick Neave, a biological psychologist at Northumbria University,
said the effect may be limited. "Pheromones come from clean
sweat. Once the wipes have mingled with the sweat produced
on a dance floor, they might be as unappealing as the urine-like
stench of stale body odour."

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