RE: Too strange not to spread.

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From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 18:32:09 PDT

How would you know? Have you looked through all the garbage to find the
sonnet(s) -- which could be any sonnet?


If only the 'net had a more effective way for the ineffective material to
"die out" we'd have something more akin to natural selection. I guess
search sites that rate hit-popularity, and then sort on that basis, are
making a stab at it, although I'm sure if I knew their rating mechanisms I
wouldn't be happy about it.

But that's partly because I spent all day, and most of the weekend,
reviewing DAV versioning. *grumble* Now there's a non-sonnet. Although
it's something, and mostly sensical something. So there. Somewhere.


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> The Net is, of course, proof that half a billion monkeys, typing
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