Prostitution is legalized -- LEts go to the Netherlands:)

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From: Carey Lening (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 15:27:07 PDT

[Kind of interesting that they finally legalized it. Would love to go track
down the actual bill to see what the specific rules that need to be followed


Prostitution Goes Legal in Netherlands THE HAGUE, Sept 29, (Independent
Online) -- Brothels and prostitution are legalised in the Netherlands from
October 1 when a law approved last December comes into force. From that
day, brothels have to conform to the same rules which apply to any business.
Prostitutes are able to act officially as freelance workers. The Dutch
Justice Ministry is hoping the new legislation, which in effect simply
brings the law in line with accepted practices, will help control
prostitution and stop the exploitation of minors and illegal immigrants by
pimps. The new laws enshrine tougher penalties for enforced prostitution,
with jail terms increased from one to six years. Individuals who have
sexual relations with a minor also face criminal proceedings for the first
time. According to estimates published by the de Graaf Foundation which
carries out research into prostitution, some 25 000 people work as
prostitutes in the Netherlands. Source: Independent Online (Capetown)
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