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Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 21:19:36 PDT


Like most cases where society deems it necessary to "regulate behavior,"

the notion of law doing this is a botch job. So you prevent assholes
with cash from reproducing technologically, but you still let the IQ 70
"life skills" crowd and the welfare moms pop out their broods by the
dozen. And the taxpayers pay for it.

To be fair... THe concept of the welfare mom with the 9 kids and the
stupid human reproducing is equally ill in my mind. If I had it my way
(rant) none fo this would exist. People would not be able to profit ont
 he liberal system that exists -- whereby have a kid, get paid. Nor
would the people below a certain level of common sense IQ (or social IQ
as you were saying) have the knowledge and capability to reproduce. Do
I suck? Probably. But really, think about it. They're going to die,
usually quickly anyway. Why let them exist if they provide nothing to
the world. I could care less about actual intelligence. Many who aren't
so bright have enough common sense to know better than to make it on the
 Darwin Awards. I just dont' want the said Darwin award winners being
able (with the help of say the lottery;), to continually make clones of
themselves. OR to have sex for that matter.

A fend for yourself and exist with the results kind of lifestyle would
suit me just fine. That way, when Bill Gates decided to clone himself,
and the angry mobs accosted him at the door of the Clone-o-Matic, all
things would regulate, sans laws;)

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