Re: DaveNet and FoRK

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From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 12:39:10 PDT

As a general principle:

I'd prefer that mailing lists were not subscribed to other mailing lists.
Finer-grained control over what I get, via my own subscribe decisions, is
a good thing.

I think this especially applies when two lists are different in topic
or posting policy; mixing these creates unintentional assymetries in
information-flow that were not chosen by subscribers.

Regarding DaveNet:

If there was a "DaveNet-discuss" list -- and it seems like there should
be -- I would not subscribe to it. I find FoRK less interesting on days
where it is mostly "DaveNet-discuss".

I also would not choose to receive DaveNet for myself. I'm generally
not interested in Dave's travelogues, shmooze-reports, beefs with
other people, or Radio Userland marketing. I'd instead be happy to
occasionally visit his website for highlights, like when Dave breaks
news, as with the CNN-link-to-DeCSS.

I'd rather not have FoRK receive all DaveNet posts, just as I trust
that Dave would not want all FoRK posts -- or even just those
discussing DaveNet -- forwarded to his DaveNet subscribers.

- Gordon

Dave Winer writes:
> I don't know what came over me, but sometime in the last few months I
> subscribed this mail list to DaveNet.
> Now, no one has objected, but Rohit did mention it when we had dinner on
> Tuesday, and Cameron Barret said privately to me that he thought I was
> posting too much to this list, so in a fit of conscience, I unsubscribed
> FoRK. I hate to think that it's intrusive. If you want to subscribe
> personally, the instructions are here:

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