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From: Rohit Khare (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 02:23:09 PDT

Seamless Email-to-Wireless Integration Introduced

New Wireless Application Joins Postini's Junk Email and Virus
Solutions to Give ISPs and Portals the Ability to Improve Email

CHICAGO (PCIA GlobalXChange) - Sept. 26, 2000 - Postini, the
innovator in delivering value-added email applications deployed using
their patent-pending Email Pre-Processing Infrastructure(TM),
introduced AirPostini which enables email service providers to
seamlessly integrate subscribers' email services with their existing
wireless devices.

Unveiled at the Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA)
GlobalXChange, AirPostini enables email service providers (ESPs),
such as ISPs and portals, to allow email users to selectively receive
email on one or more of their text-capable wireless devices. As with
Postini's existing email assistants, Junk Mail and Virus protection,
ESPs can offer AirPostini to their subscribers without adding new
software or hardware to their servers, and without changing the
email-user's address.

"ESPs that use AirPostini will position themselves as the critical
bridge between the converging email and wireless markets," said Scott
Petry, Postini founder and VP of marketing. "Email users will now
have hassle-free, anytime-anywhere email messaging using their
existing email addresses."

AirPostini is poised to meet the growing demand for email-to-wireless
integration. A recent study by Cahners In-Stat Group states there
will be 1.3 billion wireless devices in use by 2004. Currently only
two percent of wireless users receive mobile data via their wireless
devices, yet sixty-five percent want some type of email messaging on
their existing wireless devices, according to another study by the
Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.

For wireless service providers, AirPostini ensures that currently
available text-messaging services are delivered in an intuitive and
useful manner. Wireless providers can increase the penetration of
wireless data services to their existing user base while reducing
their reliance on cumbersome, next generation technologies.
AirPostini helps carriers deliver an advantageous messaging service
to their subscribers while benefiting from increased revenues.

Introducing AirPostini
AirPostini puts email users in control of their email-to-wireless
options. Email users define which messages they want to receive, at
what time of day, and to which wireless device. They can send urgent
messages to each of their devices, messages from a specific sender
can be delivered to a single device, and users can even select
"do-not-disturb" times when messages will not be forwarded.

AirPostini leverages the Postini Email Pre-Processing Infrastructure
to monitor each message's characteristics in real time. When
AirPostini detects a message the user wants delivered to one or
multiple wireless devices, AirPostini makes a copy of the message,
formats it for the appropriate device, and then delivers it to the
user's wireless carrier gateway.

As with all of Postini's value-added email applications, ESPs can
provide AirPostini to their subscribers without placing any
technological burden on their email servers. All message processing
activity takes place on the Postini Email Pre-Processing
Infrastructure before messages reach the ESPs server.

About the Postini Message Platform and Email Pre-Processing Infrastructure
The Postini Message Platform is based on the Email Pre-Processing
Infrastructure developed by Postini. The platform is seamlessly
inserted in-line with the flow of standard SMTP traffic with minimal
configuration. It enables Email Service Providers to deploy
value-added email applications for their subscribers without
requiring modification to their servers. The Postini Message Platform
provides interfaces that allow value-added applications to plug-in
quickly and easily, delivering new functionality to email users
without requiring complex or lengthy integration efforts by the ESP.

The Postini Message Platform hosts applications developed by both
Postini and third-party developers. The first plug-in applications
developed are called Postini Assistants and they enable specific
functionality for email users to better manage their email
experience. All of these enhancements are controlled by the
email-user providing them customized services, and relieving the
service provider of costly administrative support. With Postini, ESPs
can offer their subscribers virus detection, junk email protection,
and intelligent email-to-wireless integration service. Postini will
continue to add new email-enhancing applications to the Message

About Postini
Postini enables Emails Service Providers to deploy value-added email
services to their subscribers without placing any additional burden
on their servers. With the Postini Message Platform and the
patent-pending Email Pre-Processing Infrastructure, the company is
redefining how email is used. Founded in 1999, the company is based
in Redwood City, California, and is privately held.

Press Contact
Don Bulmer
Press Contact
Don Bulmer

AirPostini product page

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