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From: Adam Rifkin (adam@KnowNow.com)
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 22:37:37 PDT

Way back on August 10, 2000 I went looking for SOAP services


and was only able to find one, Don Box's SOAP calculator. There are
12,000 cgi-script calculators on the Web according to Rohit, yet Don
Box's SOAP calculator can only do one thing: add or subtract two
numbers. Whoopee, the age of composable Web services started off with
quite the whisper.

Ok, so now I'm noticing that some people are opening their eyes to the
possibility that in a world of composable Web services, there's gonna
need to be someone who maintains the World's Greatest Directory -- in
the same way that the Yahoos at Akebono in 1994 were sitting there
indexing Web pages, someone's gonna index Web services.

But first there has to be some services to index. Chicken and egg

So now I've found a noble first attempt: http://www.xmethods.com/

They're jumpstarting the index by developing a bunch of neat little SOAP
services themselves. Pretty cool. As of this writing, they have:

  Weather - Temperature
  Barnes and Noble Price Quote
  Domain Name Checker
  Currency Exchange Rate
  California Traffic Conditions
  Delayed Stock Quote
  eBay Price Watcher

Even cooler: http://www.xmethods.com/about.html
"By listing publicly accessible SOAP services, we hope this
site will help to catalyze the creation, deployment, and use of more
services." Me like. :)

The four that I immediately want to add -- If I Had The Time (TM) --
would be Google as a SOAP service, Google's WAP translator as a SOAP
service, Paypal as a SOAP service, and AltaVista's Babelfish as a SOAP

But this is cool. Really gets the mind racing. Thanks, xmethods.
And welcome to FoRK...


I wonder. I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder. I wonder why I wonder why.

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