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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 17:00:07 PDT

> >4. Will software/hardware be able to eventually pass the Turing
> >Test, or will this require a biotech approach?
> Yes.

Under "Road Test" conditions, the Turing Test was passed almost a decade
ago. In one of the early TinyMUDs, I believe Islandia IIRC, a newbie spent
over a week trying to seduce "Julia," a rather sophisticated chatterbot
built by "Fuzzy" Mauldin later of Lycos fame. Couple of things to note:
(a) this is an entirely true story, the newbie *did not* know that Julia was
a chatterbot and was trying to seduce her in total belief in her humanity.
Suspicion didn't set in until late in the process, and I can vouch for this
from first-hand experience watching this happen, and (b) Turing didn't say
anything at all about the required IQ or general psychological /
intellectual state of the human test subject.

Any way you slice it, this constitutes passage of Turing's hurdle, in my
book. Somehow, I think he'd laugh first then agree, though he'd probably
concede that this devalues the test as formulated rather than proves
anything in particular.

> ...the Entscheidungsproblem...

Turing, Turing, Turing. ;-)



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