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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 20:42:57 PDT

"No Name" Sushi, actually Yokoso Nippon Sushi, 15th and Church,
cash only, no credit cards, M - Sa 12pm - 10pm

...if that's the place. :-)

Jeff Bone wrote:
> Woops, missed the list the first time around. Posting it because I
> thought *maybe* somebody in SF might remember the sushi place I was
> talking about: tiny, northish side of whichever street, narrow,
> curved sushi bar to the right in front, a few small tables in front
> and on the left side, more tables towards the back. It was called
> something starting with a "K," I think. Near the Powell St. BART
> stop. Bueller? Bueller?
> jb
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> Subject: Re: Got Milk? (was Re: Baby-making)
> Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 11:45:23 -0500
> From: Jeff Bone <>
> To: Tom Whore <>
> References: <>
> Funny (maybe) story on just that topic --- uni *uzura.* (sp?)
> Years ago, right after college (this is 1989.) I moved to the Bay Area. I'd eaten
> sushi before --- a little bit, maguro (tuna) and sake (salmon) mostly. I'd recently
> tried unagi (smoked eel.) One of the first things I did after moving out there was
> go looking for a kickass sushi restaurant in the City. Found one, it's no longer
> there (I've spent *hours* combing the area for it, can't find it anymore) but it was
> about 3 blocks from the Powell St. BART stop. I knew it had to be good, because
> there were basically no "westerners" in there.
> Went in, sat down at the bar. They didn't have the picture menus --- probably the
> only sushi place I've ever been w/o them. I was trying to remember what this eel
> thing I'd had recently was called --- remembered it started with a "u." Looking at
> the menu.... aha! Uni! That must be it.
> I ordered the uni. The sushi chef looks at me, raises an eyebrow, and says in his
> best Shogun voice: "Uni? You like uni?" I was a little concerned, but tried to
> play it off. "Sure, I love uni. Why?" He chuckles his best Shogun chuckle and says
> "Most, uh, Americans, not like uni." I smiled a big, innocent, foolishly brave smile
> and said "Love it." He says "Okay."
> I get the uni. It's not what I thought. I go for it. It takes me about 10 minutes
> to choke one down. The whole time, Shogun Chef is smirking at me. When I'm done
> with the first one, he says "how you like that uni?" Smartass. "It's great. Best
> uni I ever had." I attack the second one. Another 10 minutes of chewy,
> holding-back-the-upchuck hell.
> Takes me two years to work up the nerve to try it again. I'm more seasoned, more
> knowledgable, ready to rumble. I'm back at the same place, and I see people eating
> uni with a tiny little raw egg yolk on top. I say "those people, that, uh, urchin
> with the egg on top, what's that all about?" Shogun Chef --- same guy, I'm now buds
> with him --- says "that's *uzura,* it's, uh, quail egg. Only way to eat uni. You
> try it?"
> Sure.
> And it was fan-fucking-tastic. The quail egg did something, I dunno what, but it
> totally transformed the experience from one of licking fishy dog poo off the bottom
> of a shoe to absolute culinary orgasm. I've tried literally every form of sushi I've
> ever been able to at this point, and uni uzura has become my hands-down favorite
> sushi of all time. We sometimes have problems getting good uni in Texas, so I'll sub
> with tobiko uzura or similar, but it's really a poor replacement.
> :-)
> jb
> Tom Whore wrote:
> > On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 wrote:
> >
> > --]forgot to mention that the cactus and octopus salad also included quayle eggs.
> > --]
> >
> > Try a quial eggg atop a piece of uni atop a schmear of wasabi atop a wad
> > of rice wrapped in the finest of seaweed wraps.
> >
> > Sans the egg
> >
> > To find a restaurant near you that serves urchins, not just uni, head over
> > to
> >
> > Now thems good eats.
> >
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