Derrida, Wittgenstein, Bey, Tom Whore, Lennon, and quotes (was Re: Baby-making)

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Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 12:18:59 PDT

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> << "Like the pauper who cloaks himself in the purple of kings, so too does
> the dull man cloak his prose with quotations of the great"--Rudyard Kipling
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Wittgenstein, poignantly presaging the sociocultural impact of the Internet on
individuals, observed in his correspondance with Pinsent, "I'd like the small
beer with that rouladen." Er, no, wait, he said "This kind, lovely letter has
opened my eyes to the way in which I live in exile here. It ma be a salutary
exile, but I feel it now as an exile."

Tom Whore, expressing similar sentiment, is rumored to have once said "You
should seee the places TOMWHORE is not welcome."

I think it was Derrida who once said, "far from disappearing, speech then
changes purpose and status. It is situated, surrounded..."

Hakim Bey, more bluntly, asserts "[poetic terrorism] is an act in a Theater of
Cruelty which has no stage, no rows of seats, no tickets and no walls." Urging
us on to new levels of artistic freedom, he continues "In order to work at all,
[poetic terrorism] must categorically be divorced from all conventional
structures for art consumption (galleries, publications, media.) Even the
guerilla Situationist tactics of street theater are perhaps too well known now."

Similarly, in the immortal words of Lennon and McCartney, "I know you, you know
me. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free."



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