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Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 06:02:32 PDT

<<Yes it would appear if you type [Cheney's] first name more than
once the moodwatch sees it as possibly offensive. You can turn the
Moodwatch off if you want to--Tools\Options\Moodwatch--Uncheck
Enable MoodWatch.>>


Cheney, Dicked
By Timothy Noah

While the Bush campaign works overtime to associate the
Gore-Lieberman ticket with Hollywood smut peddlers, it is
overlooking its own assault on civility within the public square:
The name of its vice-presidential candidate. A Chatterbox
investigation reveals that the name "Dick Cheney" sets off the
"Moodwatch" anti-flaming filter on the Eudora e-mail system

According to the Eudora Web page, "MoodWatch" is a feature on
Eudora 5.0

that acts as an emotion monitor for your email that flags
aggressive language and calls it to your attention. MoodWatch can
detect aggressive, demeaning or rude language in the email you send
and receive by looking at both individual words and complete

(complete article at

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