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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 11:19:56 PDT

Okay, bored with the various "Sims" subgames I've been occupying my late-night
brain-cooling hours with; you can only take a few days of making your Sims run around
like maniacal hedonist polyamorists. Anybody know anyone who's made nice fetish props to
spice up the environment with?

Invented another game, "Sim Serial Killer," in which my Sims lured in, entrapped, and
killed off most of the neighborhood. Closed dungeon / trophy room, drowning pool ---
quite elaborate. And what's the deal: Sims don't make decent long-term prisoners; if
you entrap them with food, bed, etc. they just refuse to eat and die anyway. That was
fun for about a day. ;-) I've got a *great* album from all that, am thinking about
writing up some pages, a kind of "Jill Sim: Diary of a Serial Killer" thing. ;-)
Interesting side note: eventually, the house became overrun with ghosts; on one night,
all *9* of the victims ghosts were out and about simultaneously for most of the night,
terrorizing the murderous Sims to the point they couldn't even get any sleep.

But the sick stuff just gets old, you get jaded fast.

So I decided to have kids. Got rid of the dungeon, threw away all the urns, cleaned up
the house, fixed up a kids room, bought the jungle gym, etc. etc.

Lemme tell ya, if real life worked the way The Sims does, I'd be all over the parenthood
thing. After about three days of relatively tame "infant hell," bam, you've got a
reasonable if short human, er, Sim. They can mostly take care of themselves. And hey,
the train set and stuff is fun for dad, too!

Now I'm in parenting hell, though. The little bastard requires *way* more attention than
the adult Sims, and is constantly pissed at all 3 parents. Adolescence may be hell, but
adolescents *are* hell, apparently.

Just keepin' y'all posted....



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