Re: XParc's Report on Gnutella

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From: Justin Mason (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 09:11:12 PDT

Tom Whore said:

> I am still leeching off the napster network. The client
> side is a client side regardless of who coded it, its still going to put a
> use on the network.
> napster is not so much an applicationa s it is a protocol. Once you can
> write a client or a server to utilize that protocol you make an impact on
> the the system of users of that protocol.

OK, I definitely agree with that bit -- nothing can be done about third
parties reverse-engineering the protocol and changing that kind of client
implementation detail.

BTW -- has anyone got any theories on why's protocols and viewers
are still unassailed by reverse-engineered implementations? Is it just
that they've been litigious enough towards companies that *have* provided
Save-As applications for Real streams?


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